Focus on what matters most. 
Identify small shifts to reach your goals faster.
Accelerate impact. 

Camille Preston’s programs help people unlock their capacity for excellence, action, and impact. Utilizing cutting-edge leadership practices and a “special sauce” that makes her programs engaging, fun, and actionable, Camille’s clients develop the strategies, systems, and skills to lead and deliver results. Get ready to change your life. Refined over 10+ years, working with hundreds of coaching clients. 




This intensive collaboration is designed to deliver actionable insights and is customized to accelerate your effectiveness and fulfillment.  You benefit from tailored insights, summarized research and a personalized action plan. This program is for individuals amid significant change, needing to deliver results quickly, and/or looking for immediate impact

  • Clarify your personal and professional goals
  • Learn how to engage with people differently
  • Feel in the flow
  • Increase your productivity at work
  • Be more present with your family at home
  • Clarify what hurdles you need to do leap over in oder to be your best self
  • Create a customized leadership learning plan with a trusted advisor, to sustain self-directed growth


We dive below the surface to understand you. This  is for individuals committed to accelerating their capacity to optimize their impact, engage others, accelerate collaboration, drive change, and deliver results.  Small, micro shifts unlock massive potential within, so you become your best from the inside out: Deeper awareness; greater fulfillment; genuine engagement and relationships you covet. Includes:

  • Create customized leadership coaching for your needs
  • Clarify short and long-term goals
  • Assess your priorities and what matters most with Camille's unique Assessment and Prioritization Process
  • Identify what is working currently, and your greatest opportunities for growth
  • Actionable strategies to build systems to achieve goals
  • Learn how to better leverage your strengths
  • Engage others more empathetically to build stronger community
  • Learning alignment session with boss/superior
  • Learn foundational leadership skills (how to deliver impactful, valuable feedback) 
  • Real-time challenges problem solving


Integrate the power of peers, impactful coaching, and tailored learning to accelerate you. You get the structure, systems, community and accountability to be your best.  Masterminds are for individuals or teams seeking a structured system for growth, accountability to move forward, and a supportive, authentic community to accelerate personal and professionalbg growth. Includes:

  • Clarify your one-year and three-year personal and professional goals
  • Identify your priorities with guidance
  • Remain accountable with the help of a trusted advisor and supportive community
  • Illuminate your values, purpose and passions
  • Identify steps to take your vision to action
  • Acquire customized leadership lessons
  • Celebrate the momentum and successes achieved individually and collectively in a group development atmosphere